Humber Squash Rules

These Rules complement and should be read in conjunction with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which is the governing document of the Association.

  1. AIMS
    (a) To promote the playing of squash and Racketball in the Humber area.
    (b) To provide competitive play for the enjoyment of players in clubs and centres which are members of the Association.
    (a) To run the Humber Squash League and their associated individual tournaments, and such other inter-club leagues and tournaments as may be agreed from time to time i.e. Ladies, Junior and Racket Ball competitions.
    (b) To select representative teams when appropriate.
    (c) To seek funding for the Association and its activities.
    (d) To support members with advice and information.
    (e) To organise and encourage the provision of training for coaches, club officials and players of all standards.
    (f) To publicise the activities of the Association.
    (g) To liaise with relevant external bodies e.g. England Squash, Yorkshire SRA, Sport England, Local Authorities etc. in order to identify and attract all available support and resources relevant to the aims of the Association.
    (h) To provide a sound administrative base for running the activities of the Association.
    (i) To undertake such other activities as may be relevant.
    Any club/centre with squash courts in the Hull and District area may apply for membership of the Association. Where players at a centre have formed a club for the purpose of entering teams in activities organised by the Association, that club shall be the member.
    (a) No club/centre shall be accepted as a member until and unless its application has been approved by the Directors.
    (b) Clubs individual rights to refuse entry to any person cannot be waived by the Association. Therefore any member or supporter of a visiting team, who has been banned from any premises within the Association, should make their team captain aware of this for team selection purposes.
    (c) The Directors shall have the absolute right to reject any application for participation in the activities of the Association which includes any individual, whether as a player or in any other capacity, whose activities are or have been contrary to the aims of the Association.
    (d) In the event of the Association having financial liabilities which it is unable to meet, and which it could not have reasonably anticipated, the liability of each member is limited to £1.
    (e) Clubs/Centres wishing to participate in the activities of the Association are strongly advised to be members of England Squash.
    (a) The league competitions shall be four a side.
    (b) As far as is possible, arrangements for the various inter-club activities will result in participants playing once a week for the duration of the league season, with a break at Christmas.
    (c) In the Humber Squash League, there will be no fixed number of teams in any division, although as far as possible the leagues will be structured so that there is an even number of teams spread across all divisions i.e. 10 teams per division.
    (d) The league administrator has the right to promote or relegate any number of teams in order to manage league fixtures and detail in point 4(c).
    (e) In the Leagues, each tie shall be the best of 5 games, each game to be scored point per rally to 15 except for Division 1 only, where play may be to 11, if agreed by both team captains prior to any play commencing. One point shall be awarded for each game won (i.e. if a tie finishes 3-2, the winning player gains three points for his team, the loser two), and the team winning three or four ties shall receive three bonus points.
    (f) Teams conceding matches will have 5 points deducted, and their opponents will receive 12 points (i.e. NO Bonus). Every effort should be made to re-arrange postponed matches. Matches postponed in the first half of the season must be completed before the start of the second half of the season. Matches postponed in the second half of the season must be completed within two weeks of the conclusion of the league. If this is not possible, matches can only be conceded at the end of the season.
    (g) Entry to the Clubs Championship, if it is held, shall be voluntary.
    (a) The clubs will be members of HDSA and support its aims.
    (b) The clubs will pay the team entry fee for each team.
    (c) Players who represent them will be bone fide members of that club and will only play for one team in each competition except when playing as a substitute.
    (d) Players who represent them will not be used as a substitute more than five times in any one season when substituting up the divisions, may play as a substitute for a team in the same division an unlimited number of times, but never into a lower division.
    (e) Players who represent them will play matches in a friendly spirit and treat opponents and markers with respect. Adhering to standards of behaviour endorsed by England squash to encourage spectators. Offensive language or racket abuse will not be condoned or tolerated.
    (f) Players who represent them will be encouraged to play in the individual tournaments associated with the leagues, and to attend the end of season Finals night and presentation of trophies.
    (g) Teams will play matches on the agreed dates, with the match commencing at the agreed time and being played continuously until its conclusion.
    (h) Teams should be discouraged from postponing matches and informed that postponements by the away team within 48 hours of the fixture makes them liable for meeting any expenses incurred by the home club.
    (i) Home teams will provide courts, balls, markers, and after-match refreshments. Home team captains should contact away team captains at least five days before the fixture to confirm the date, start time, no's, playing order and any special food requirements.
    (j) Teams will play in order of merit confirmed on the team registration form or amended and agreed by the league administrators, including substitutes.
    (k) Teams will normally play in the same order, even if the order of merit is difficult to determine.
    (l) Court temperatures should be such as to maximise the enjoyment of the game, with reference to England Squash guidelines if necessary.
    (m) Clubs playing in Hull & District League who insist that their juniors wear goggles have asked that other club's juniors visiting their club should respect their wishes.
    (n) It will be the responsibility of the winning team to ensure that the match results are entered into the league system within 7 days of completion of the match. Failure to comply will result in 5 points being deducted from that team. In the event of a draw then the home team will have this responsibility.
    (o) As score card should be used on the night to record the match scores. This should be signed by both team captains and retained by the winning team as a hard copy record of the evening's events. These hard copies may be requested at any time for the purpose of investigating errors or discrepancies brought to the attention of the league administrator. Failure to provide hard copies when requested may result in penalties being imposed on that team (i.e. points deductions or matches being awarded).
    (p) If any of these expectations are not met, the team captain of the opposing side should report the circumstances to his/her club representative, who will decide whether to make an official complaint to the League Organiser for the attention of the Directors. The offending club will abide by whatever penalty (points deduction, banning of player etc.) is decided by the Directors. However, if it feels that the penalty is unjust, it may appeal to the Directors, who will refer the matter for adjudication to the Honorary Officers of the Association. They may confirm or vary the penalty, and their recommendation will be endorsed by the Directors as final.

As amended and endorsed via online consultation during September 2022.



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