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The squash ranking system is based on the old England Squash system whereby if you beat someone above you, you move closer to him or her and he or she move closer to you. If you are within a certain range (in this case 250 points) you pass the person you beat. You also get credit for beating players behind you.


Each season, it will take a while for the ranking places to balance out as:

  • Players improve between seasons
  • New player's rankings are sometimes incorrect
  • Results involving these players throw other players rankings out.

However, by Xmas the rankings settle down and by February they are a pretty true reflection, far better than most other ranking systems. The system works better than the England Squash system because a higher percentage of players play every week, ensuring any anomalies get ironed out over a period of weeks. At this stage you may see players who appear to be over or under ranked but if they keep winning / losing, they will soon reach their correct position.


The rankings for Hull & District are calculated on the following basis: If the winners score is lower than the losers score the points gain / loss is dependent on the point's difference.

  • 500+ less, winner gets 25% of difference & loser loses 25% of the difference.
  • 250 - 499 less, winner gets 40% of difference & loser loses 40% of the difference.
  • 100 - 249 less, winner gets 60% of difference & loser loses 60% of the difference.
  • 0 - 99 less, winner gets 80 points & loser loses 80 points.

If the winner has more points than loser, points gained / lost are Difference is less than 100, winner gains 60 points, and loser loses 60 points. If the difference is 100 points or more, winner gains 30 points & loser loses 30 points for a 3-0 victory, 20 points for a 3-1 and 10 points for a 3-2.

Player's start on points they finished on last year and new players are allocated ranking based upon position in ranking order. I have made adjustments for players moving up or down divisions.

All players will be on one complete ranking list so that players subbing can get credit for beating players in higher divisions.


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