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Scoring System Explained

The scoring system and how those scores are recorded is explained below:

  • Each game is scored up to 15 points, point-a-rally.
  • Matches are best-of-five games.
  • If the game score reaches 14-14 (fourteen all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game/match by two clear points.
  • The Marker calls: "14-14 (fourteen all), tiebreaker, player to win by two clear points, 0-0 (love all)"
  • The Marker to then to call the score as: "1-0 game ball (or match ball)", then "1-1", then "2-1 game ball (or match ball)", then "3-1 game/match to (player name)".
  • The game score is then recorded, as: 15-14 (3-1). The tiebreak score is entered in the field below the game score on the system.
  • All scores are recorded with 15 as the winning player's score.

System Administration

As you may be aware this year we are giving each team more access to the online Humber Squash system.

Each team has been given a username and password so that they can log on to the secure administration area.

The administration area has the following functions :-

  • Change the Captains Name and Email Address
  • Change the Account Password
  • Modify a fixture
  • Add a result

Each feature is outlined below.


You can access the administration system at

If you have any questions or problems please contact


Change the Captains Name and Email Address

When you log in the Captains Name and Email Address are displayed. If you need to change them simply make the changes and click on update.

Change the Account Password

Your account is setup with a random default password. If you wish to change it at any time simply complete the Password field with a new password of your choice and then enter the same new password in the verify field and click on update.

Modify Fixture

You will be presented with a drop down list of all your fixtures in date order. Select the fixture you wish to change and click on Change.

Enter the new date for the fixture and click on Save.

Updated fixture dates are displayed on the web site immediately.

Please only change the fixture date when an agreement has been made with the opposition team.

Please ensure update the date of any fixtures you rearrange using the administration system as soon as possible. This will keep the fixture list on the web site accurate.

Add a Result

You will be presented with a drop down list of fixtures that should have been played (ie. the fixture date is not in the future).

Select the correct fixture from the list and click on Next

You then need to enter the details as they are on the result card.

Once you have done this click on Save.

When you have played a match please enter the result as soon as possible so that the web site is accurate.

Please note that the player rankings are updated once every 24 hours based on the results in the system at the time.


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